Mayur Veena(Taus)
Mayurveena (Taus) Player
Indian Classical Music today, is one of the greatest gifts of India to the world.Mayurveena (Taus) Player
Mr. Bariq Ali of Lucknow reformed , this veena and other acompanying veenas- Tumbaru arid Mattkokila Veenas and presented to mishra. 150 yeras ago in the Royal Court of Vishnupur (Bengal)Rarn Keshav Bhattacharya had been last Mayur Veena player-in Bengal. 100 years ago in the Royal Court of Kapoorthala(punj ab) Mahant Gajja Singh had been last player of this Veena.

In the present time fortunately Shri Kumar Mishra has been popularized as the only Mayur Veena (Taus) player(Newspapers comments in this regard are enclosed).

The Playing technique of Taus had been used by some Esraj ( a little & modified shape of Taus ) player in Bengal & by some Dilruba (a little & modified shape of Taus ) player in Punjab. Fortunately both instruments have been disappearing.Between 1950 to 1985 Kanhai Lal Banerjee was the only specialist of Bengal Technique & Kanak Rai Trivedi was the only specialist of the Technique of Punjab. Now Shri Kumar Mishra's those Gurus are no more. With the blessings of both Gurus Mishra has been-the only specialist of the original techniques used in MayurVeena of both traditions.
Humble Beginnings
Date of birth : 22 Feb. 1951 Birth Place : Varanasi (INDIA)
Father & Gurus
Father : Late Ram ji Mishra Vyas
Musical Gurus :1. Father
2. Late Kanhai Lal Banerjee
3. Late Kanak Rai Trivedi (a disciple of Late Pt. Omkar Nath Thakur- a Great Vocalist)
4. Dr. Raj Bhan Singh, Varanasi
5. Dr. Pradeep K. Dixit; Gujrat
6. Dr. Archana Dixit, Gujrat

Research Guru
Late Prof. Ganesh Prasad Uniyal (a disciple of Late Prof. Laski, London)