Mayur Veena(Taus)
About Mayur Veena -:
Taus means peacock. It is a rare musical Instrument of India. Lower part of TAUS is like peacock and upper is like Rudra Veena. TAUS is played with the bow of sarangee. The introduction & Picture of Taus is published in the book, “My Music My Life” by Bharateeya Sangeet Vadya (By Dr. Lalmani Mishra) and Punjab Kee Sangeet Parampara (By Dr. Geeta Pental) the technical and historical description of TAUS is published. TAUS has deep and sensitive sound and vibration capable to affect directly to the mind of a listener. Taus is of big shape, wooden ‘Danda’ (upper part) and ‘Kundee’ (Lower part), Therefore created tones on taus vibrate all the tones clearly and profoundly and its tonal effectiveness is capable to concentrate a listeners mind and to give him complete peace.
Taus is a glimpse of the past musical culture of Indian Royal courts that had been patronized by the kings, 150 years ago in the Royal Court of Vishnupur (Bengal). Ram Keshab Bhattacharya had been renowned Taus player and 100 years ago in the Royal Court of Kapoorthalla (Punjab) Meer Rahmat Khan and Mahant Gajja Singh had been famous players of Taus.
Tumbaru Veena – This is the old shape of modern Tanpoora. Tumbaru Veena had been prepared with one wood.Wooden Tumbaru Veena has deep vibration in comparison to Tanpooree helpful to create tonal effectiveness. Its player – Suresh Kumar Yadav Age 30 years Experience – (1) AIR & TV artist (2) Accompanied with Tumbaru Veena in many music conferences. Mattkokila Veena – This is the old shape of modern swarmandal, That has deep and sensitive vibration in comparison to swarmandal and has been helpful to create tonal effectiveness. Its player – Kiran Yadav Age 28 years Exp- (1) TV artist (2) Accompanied with mattkokila veena in many music conferences. Kamayancha – This is the old instrument of Iran now has been rare. Its players are- 1- Neelu yadav – Accompanied in many music conferences. 2- Vishalaxi Mishra – Accompanied in many music conferences. 3- Amrita Singh – An exceptional musical talent who knows to play 15 musical instruments, sings all the Indian vocal styles and plays Kathak and Bharatnatyam and has been awarded in those subjects by many institutions.At present she is learning Mayoor Veena (Taus). © 2009 Mayur Veena all right reserved replica hermes