Mayur Veena(Taus)
Mayur Veena's Training Programe -:
In continuation to the letter no - 7/22-14/2016-17/6967 at 10 Dec 2016 of S.N.A. New Delhi, in the joint collaboration of Sangeet Natak Academy,New Delhi and Durlabh-Sangeet Kala Kendra,Lucknow.Shri Kumar Mishra trained MayurVeena's techniques and various Ragas to Gunja Singh,Arati Khatri,Laxmi Khatri,Amrita Singh,July Singh,Kamini Singh,Sayad Amir Ali,Aditya Yadav,Akash Yadav,Muskan,Nisha Rajbhar,Manisha,Anuj Kanaujiya from 20th Dec 2016 to 20th Feb 2017
Programes -:
1-:In Oct 2016 and Feb 2017 All India Radio Broadcasted Shri Kumar Mishra's ESRAJ(Mayur ESRAJ or MayurVeena or BIGESRAJ)
2-:Doordarshan,Lucknow recorded Shri Kumar Mishra's Mayur Esraj or MayurVeena in 2017,from 20th Jan 2017 to 13 May 2017.Mishra'sthis recording has been presented by DDUP total 11 times.This Programme has been appreciated by the listeners too much.
Articles on Music Therapy -:
Sri Kumar Mishra Has Written articles on Music Therapy. These articles has been published in 'Pawan Prawah' Weekly,Lucknow from isssues 12-18 Dec 2016 to 15-21 May 2017 and this publication work is continued .In these aeticles Mishra has written about the remedy process through various Ragas for the suffers of mental and bodily problems.Website of that Weekly is
Music Conferences -:
Sr.Name PlaceYear
1Mumbai Music ConferenceMumbai1980
2Kolkata Music ConferenceKolkata1983
3Durgapur Music ConferenceDurgapur1983
4Bhopal Music ConferenceBhopal1984
5Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow1994
6Kanpur Music ConferenceKanpur1996
7Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow1998
8Banda Music ConferenceBanda2000
9Gorakhpur Music ConferenceGorakhpur2001
10Lucknow Music ConferenceLuchnow1992 and 2000
11Jhasi Music ConferenceJhasi2001
13Vrindavan Musical ConferenceVrindavan2002
14Banda Music ConferenceBanda2002
15Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2002
16Vanarasi Music Conference Varanasi2003
17Gwaliar Music ConferenceGwaliar2004
18Jhansi Music ConferenceJhansi2004
19New Delhi Music ConferenceNew Delhi2005
20Vindhyanchal Music ConferenceVindhyanchal2005
21Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2006
22Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2008
23Bhopal Music ConferenceBhopal2008
24Nainital Music ConfereceNainital20008
25Lakhimpur Music ConferenceLakhimpur2008
26Kanpur Music ConferenceKanpur2008
27Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2008
28Agra Music ConfereceAgra2009
29Chitrakoot Music ConferenceLucknow2009
30Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2009
31Shimla Music ConferenceShimla2010
32I.C.C.R. Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2010
33Lucknow Music ConferenceLuckow2014
34Kolkata Music ConferenceKolkata2014
35Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2015
36Lucknow Music ConferenceLucknow2016
37Amrit SamarohLucknow2016